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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elbasan in restructured its services to businesses , members of this chamber , lists a range of services that will be offered :

Information is constantly on changes in legislation affecting the activities of its members .
Continuous information on tax changes , both local as well as central .
Links to other similar rooms in the country , in order to strengthen the relations and cooperation between firms in their respective activities and the exchange of mutual experiences in their activities .
Links to all Chambers of Commerce , the attached in our country , in order to inform their business activities in the region that covers our room .
Links with neighboring rooms and beyond, in order to inform their business activities in our region .
Reconstruction of the Chamber 's website , integrating all sites within its members , who already presented with a page on the Web .
Taking over and building Web pages for members who do not have one.
Integrating site Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Elbasan with the Union of Chambers of Albania .
Preconception inernetit of pages , transforming them into dynamic page .
Attracting business needs , our Chamber member , for :
Commodity markets ,
sales markets for their products ,
technology , equipment , etc. ...
Binding of these markets with relevant businesses , members of this chamber .
Business Information , a member of the House , with price changes in the market for tools , raw materials and export their products .
Informing businesses member Dh.T.I. Elbasan , the organization and conduct of trade fairs at home and abroad .
And making full disclosure on these fairs respective businesses .
Preparation of propaganda materials and information to businesses as a going concern and on the verge of fairs at home and abroad .
Mediation with the organizers of fairs on all the issues that take them .
Building a system of legal assistance and representation to members of the chamber .
Building a fiscal representative for assistance and members of the chamber .
Training and improving staff performance management and business administration , members of this chamber .
Mediating IriSoft for employee administration staff and skilled management .
Mediation for management consulting and marketing businesses , members of this chamber , under contract with IriSoft - Elbasan .
Mediation for technical support from German specialists , working with SES ( Segior EXPERTEN sevice ) , through IriSoft .
Mediation with Qendtren Vocational Training and Industrial School for qualified employees .
Gathering requirements and business continuity needs , member of the House , support, increase and improve the services of this room .

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