Establishment of the first trading room in Elbasan (Mars1923):

After the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior nr.1289/17 dated January 21, 1923, for the formation of the Chamber of Trade, Prefecture under Article 3 and 4 of the law laid municipality to enforce this order, (taken from the newspaper “Bridge Shkumbini “dated March 23, 1923).
Presidency calls for the formation of Hall Chamber of Commerce all the different merchants and guilds that exercise activity in the city of Elbasan that comprised approximately 663 separate.
On March 4, 1923, after a second ballot, in a meeting that took place in the Municipality, under the leadership of its president, where he was invited to participate throughout the city merchants and dyqanxhijte ten representatives were elected.
On March 9, 1923, under the leadership of the elected Prefect of ten by the City and joined the other ten electors chosen by the county and together these voted for the Council of Trade Chamber.
After the elections, the Mayor approved the list of the 26-member elected and asked the Department of Finance of each class of merchants who were elected as member of the Presidency Commercial Chamber.
It consisted of:
Nine people were first class,
seven people were in second grade,
Six people were in third grade,
four people were not registered in Drejrorine of Finance.
This list of voters was made public by the newspaper “Shkumbini Bridge” dated April 4, 1923.