From 12/03/2015 to 14 / 03/2015

Organizer: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elbasan

Municipality of Elbasan
Palace of Sports “Tomor Sinani” Elbasan
Manufacturing businesses, commerce, services, handicraft,
Association and various organizations, etc. (50 participants)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elbasan, Elbasan Municipality and Company “Albexpo Group» Tirana, organize from 12-14 March 2015, in the Palace of Sports “Tomor Sinani” Elbasan, the seventeenth edition of the fair in general, “Summer Day 2015 ”
Conceived as one of the most important activities of the business in the region, this fair imparts the message of efforts to support the continuous development of industry, trade, services etc .. and to make this region a favorite destination for business.
Participate in this fair many companies by country and region.
For them, participation varied and numerous visitors who attend this fair, in this context, before and during his days, transmitted in television commercials and programs both local and national, social networks and in newspapers or various agencies.
The success of the fair is guaranteed by the experience and the experience gained in this field.
For further information, you can check in or contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elbasan with:
Mobile: 0682262213, 0696758976